Distance learning (or online learning) is the meeting of technology and pedagogy. The debate between the benefits of face-to-face teaching and distance learning is becoming a heated one.

For many working professionals, the chance to learn online is an opportunity to upskill in their own time and fit studying into an already busy schedule. For some, there is simply no replacement for a physical classroom which offers a multidimensional learning environment. There is clearly a difference in student experience, but is there a difference in the quality of teaching? The ability to deliver business education online has become easier with technological innovations, but is it as effective as the physical classroom environment?

Hult offers in-class learning, along with online options for core courses. This flexibility allows you, as an Executive MBA student, to study in a way that is best for you. To learn in a way that suits your needs, without having to make any sacrifices within your working schedule.

Discipline & self-motivation

Within any classroom, you have regular support and encouragement from peers and staff. You have the opportunity to foster motivation and become part of a cohort. You need to be disciplined and diligent, but can rely on having a consistent point of contact with others who can offer help if needed.

Having the option/freedom to study online in your own time can test the commitment of even the most dedicated student. Learning online requires you to be disciplined and be able to navigate a course while managing your time efficiently–would you be up for the challenge?


“Those social events that materialize from just being on campus can be vital for off-the-record networking.”


An on-campus course allows for more face-to-face interaction–not just academically, but also socially. Those social events that materialize from just being on campus can be vital for off-the-record networking opportunities. Never underestimate the opportunities that a coffee break can provide. Perhaps your future business partner is the person sitting next to you.

Studying online means that students get fewer opportunities for in-person networking, which is something that many business students value. Having said that, online courses can also provide chances for collaboration with fellow students, even if that interaction with professors and classmates is virtual. It’s up to you to decide which one is more beneficial.

Global opportunities

Studying in the classroom at a campus abroad is an opportunity to: internationalize your degree, make global connections, and gain a new perspective on your studies. Trade is increasingly global with many of the large companies being multinational, therefore it’s important that potential future leaders gain international exposure. It’s also a chance to study in an amazing, vibrant and influential city.

At Hult, you have the option to study for your Executive MBA in cities such as London, Boston, and Dubai. You also have the option to study over the summer in additional campuses located in San Francisco, New York, and Shanghai. With this chance to make connections all over the world, and the opportunity to amplify your Executive MBA experience, it makes the decision to study from a screen at home rather difficult.


“Education is a worthwhile investment, no matter what form it takes.”

In the case of face-to-face vs distance learning, there is no concrete correct or incorrect answer. Education is a worthwhile investment, no matter what form it takes. If we assume the content is the same, good teaching is good teaching whether the classroom is an electronic or a real one. In terms of success, that mostly comes down to your own personal circumstances, abilities, and preferences. Both forms of learning are effective, and it depends on how much you are willing to invest within your education, and whether or not the service offered is one that can allow you to personally satisfy your own professional ambitions.


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